SunChine benefits for Manufacturers

  • Confidence. Transparency and systematic product assessment deliver confidence to buyers/investors that they build as designed.
  • Modeling. Tighter module specs. and higher certainty about module properties leads to better and more predictable yields.
  • Bankability. SunChine reports are accepted by several major banks adding to bankability and adding value to projects.
  • Strengthening relationship. Manufacturer and buyer mutually grow trust & confidence stabilizing & growing the relationship
  • Product feed-back. Product quality & attributes may regularly be discussed, ensuring manufacturer has the inside track on customer requirements and customer satisfaction. Proof of origin.
  • SunChine ensures traceability to source, which supports custom clearance under MIP & prevents fake labeling.
  • Claim handling. Systematic records incl. EL images and shock-logging, support putting blame of quality issues where it belongs.
  • Minimizing disruption. SunChine, due to its experienced staff, has a reputation to be ‘least disruptive’ to production.

Positive Product Differentiation: moving away from price competition !