Developers / Investors / Owners

SunChine benefits for Developers / Investors / Owners

  • Faster pay-back, due to higher quality, more homogenous, more durable product.
  • Confidence on predicted returns is enhanced and evaluation of performance becomes easier, more scientific.
  • Bankability, confidence with bankers & potential project buyers.
  • Reputation. Protecting your reputation, avoiding negative publicity.
  • VIP relation, ensures manufacturer will pay more attention to customer requirements and consistent quality, while putting buyer in more favorable position to get good follow-up deals.
  • Dataroom, serves as base-line for future performance and supports more accurate modeling, targeted maintenance.
  • Traceability, will help avoid installing fake products and supports creating a long term improvement cycle.
  • Closer relationship, with manufacturer, will enable faster, smoother resolution of quality issues found, if any.
  • Etc.

Better modules, Better returns, Better prices in case of sale.