Powerplants and Rooftop

Our Quality Approach

  • Pre- approve bill of materials (BOM)
  • Ensure product quality actually meets industry standards
  • Go beyond basic industry standards to fill in the gaps
  • Complete access to all parts of production and transport stations in factory
  • Red-flag approach to signal & deal with systematic risk
  • Ability to reject product in Asia and in UK/Europe

In-line Production Inspection

In-line inspection covers:

  • Review of IQC versus standard, customer specifications
  • Implementation IPQC, OQC and SOP’s e.g.
    - lamination/ curing conditions &time
    - internal transportation etc..
  • Workers skills and attitude
  • Observing failure rates at key workstations
  • Rejection of substandard product & rework loop
  • 100% traceability through MES
  • STC power measurement, plus tolerance
  • Calibration of test devices & equipment maintenance
  • Continuous improvement cycle
  1. Cells soldering strength measurement
  2. EL image enlarged checking
  3. EVA Peel strength & cross- linkage rate test
  4. Wet leakage current test
  5. In-line product & defect tracking

Final Product Inspection

  • Random sampling of final product -out of the box-
  • Assuring products meet specs: 
    -materials, certification, plus tolerance,
    -safety, traceability, customer specs.
    tested according to relevant standards;
  • Alerting Buyer to product deviations and dealing with quality issues:
    -replacing sub-standard product prior to shipment
    -preventing bad or wrong shipments
  • Document check, loading inspection
  • Verify compliance of Bill of Material (BOM) with IEC certification
  • Inspection & Testing to verify industry standards are met
  • Red-flag approach to signal systematic issues
  • Escalation of sampling to confirm & deal with quality issues.
  • Batch acceptance or rejection based on:
    - agreed quality criteria
    - agreed accept/ reject criterion ( AQL rate, inspection level )
  • Measuring product quality for sampled modules by:
    - confirming customer requirements;
    - visual inspection, aspect measurement;
    - safety & electrical performance;
    - power measurement by re- flashing at STC;
    - re-do Electroluminescence imaging; comparison with original factory EL images;
    - factory flash-test data review;

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