SunChine Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Dutch and Chinese investors. As an independent QC consultant in the PV industry, the company specializes in 3rd party Quality Assurance services for Asian and European PV businesses.

SunChine provides end-to-end Quality Assurance services for PV component. By measuring and evaluating your products, providing fully traceable results, we help achive increased investor confidence and better returns.

SunChine inspection practice 

  • Your own specialists “present inside the factory” in Asia
  • Intimate know-how of industry standards, SOP's, required skills
  • Systematic, Analytic inspection process
  • Scalable QA packages for PV buyers, manufacturers, insurers
  • Consistency, well-developed QA practice
  • Ensuring traceability and transparency
  • QC engineers with on average 7.5 years of experience in PV industry
  • In touch with evolving industry requirements, tech. developments in partnership & through training with CBTL partners
  • Extensive experience covering S-E Asia, India, Europe

SunChine Experience and Values

  • 4 Cooperation Labs in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and China
  • 16 Engineers with on average 6 years working experience in solar module manufacturing
  • 95 Conducted QC and technical audits in 95+ factories of modules or inverters around the world
  • 2.5 GW In-line and final product inspections accomplished for solar modules and PV inverters

Core of technology team: TECH

  • Technology: Technology background of electronics and Renewable Energy industry
  • Experience: Experience rich, QA trailblazer in solar industry
  • Concentration: Concentration on product quality and production technology
  • Honesty: Honesty & independance are our core values maximising transparancy & traceability to benefit the end customer